Our body carries our socio-cultural, political and aesthetically hierarchic agendas. Through the work we hoped to break formalities that construct the idea of feminine, influenced by an activist body, a sense of civil disobedience in terms of how this bodies should behave in the relationship towards the other or otherness.

Exploring the roles of women and questioning how far we can go in allowing it to be witnessed, once we decided to let the body manifest its hyper-sensitivity and multitude of colors: pain, vulnerability, irony, pleasure, lightness, depth, etc; in front of the eyes of an audience.

In this way, the performance is as well, an utopic process of cleansing this bodies from pragmatism, and reconnecting with a higher essence of existing, wanting, fighting, transforming, manifesting and vibrating on the space and life.

During the creative process we filter, on us, and react on different procreation theories, hystory of mysogyny and hysteria; and on daily news. We study strikes, beats and waves on a physical level.

The working methods are based on improvisation, thus the creation is hugely influenced by the performers. We generate the materials by being inspired in various dance forms; from the past, such as gesha kyoto traditional dance to burlesque dance and different folks dances.

Hysteria: The disturbing history from Andrew Scull
Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice from Jack Holland
Vilmos Csányi: Here is the man – a humanetologue’s perspective”

Dancers: Mariya Bushuyeva, Bojana Mitrović
Choreographer: Adrienn Hód

Props, Clothes: Lucia Vonrhein
Music: Psychic Tv: Force the Hand Of Chance (1982)

The performance is part of the FAM night which is a trippelbill with Eléonore Valère Lachky and Cecilia Moisio.

Dramaturgy: Honne Dormann

Duration: 22 minutes

Premier: 14th of September 2016. Staatstheater Mainz

Special thanks to Ármin Szabó-Székely and Zoltán Mizsei.