„It is as if Adrienn Hód finds even improvisation too fixed a method, and so she searches feverishly for a way out.”

Laudation to Rudolf Lábán Award, written by Sisso

Published on 25 March 2012,


“This is the thorough, constructive, pure choreography of Adrienn Hód.  A successful experiment in dance.”

“Choreographer Adrienn Hód’s “low flying” dancers, with their unkempt Renaissance movements still take the viewers for a roller coaster ride–from a paralyzed world to that sought-after harmony and back, and they end up standing with their heads in the ground.”

“While this work of dance is just as able to reference the Middle Age’s dark tales as the chance meetings on the streets of a modern metropolis, the authentic period music of Zoltán Mizsei gives it a sacred quality.  Because of the music, the reckless improvisation of the dancers appears calculated with an awkward precision–due in part, obviously, to their confident dancing ability and the precise choreography.”

Written by Sisso

Published in Magyar Narancs XXIII./No.46.

“It appears the result of those experimental years is this pure, playful work that tests the dancers in their dance, their theatrics, and their human presence.  It makes great use of the tones brought by the performers, in the openness and self-exposure of whom a mysterious carnival world is illustrated, giving an enlightening example of how a skillfully chosen, timeless musical material can elevate and “ennoble” movement.”

Maszktalan maszkák [Masked with no masks], written by Annamária Szoboszlai

Published:, 6 Nov 2011

“The body language is strict and defined, as if we were seeing a system of movement that is infinite and reflexive.  Still, it is unpredictable, animate, and improvisational, too.  We get a strong feeling that we will never know what is born in the moment and what comes from rehearsal, or what the next step will be. Basse Danse is an outstanding example what structure improvisation is meant to be.

Híd és elegancia [Bridge and Elegance], written by Felícia András

Published in Ellenfény 2012/3.