“When are our experiences and sensations legitimate? Many human feelings or states are “forbidden”, not allowed to be shown. Art can be an alibi for all this. On the altar of art you can do things that are forbidden in real life. Thus, art is a game, an alibi that sets us free.”

Adrienn Hód

Photo: Roland Váczi


Hodworks was founded by choreographer Adrienn Hód in 2007. Besides permanent members, the Budapest-based international company works with artists invited from different field of arts. Hodworks regroups sensible, proactive and forward-thinking creators having their own creative and concentrated working methods. They focus on the human body itself, liberated from any mediators, limits, sets or props. Hodworks pieces, always taking a new and progressive direction, are result of a long, creative body research based on improvisation, which appears in a strictly structured form on stage. Hód choreographies own a delicately developed, fine, high-quality language balancing between the exact and the very abstract representation. These pieces stimulate the audience’s spirit and senses and invite us doubting in the known and opening up towards the unknown. They do not compromise; they do not want to please.

Adrienn Hód is a unique and innovative creator of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene, well-known internationally. Her pieces, Basse danse in 2012, Dawn in 2014 and Conditions of Being a Mortal in 2015, have been selected into the 20 most outstanding contemporary dance pieces by Aerowaves European dance network. Her company, Hodworks regularly appears at international festivals and theatres.

Her choreographies tend to deconstruct, destabilize, and re-build already existing dance structures. The focus of her work is the performer’s status, as related to extreme human states and verbal and physical expression. Hód’s performances challenge taboos, enriched with a robust but delicate humour: a radical study of the body, free of prejudice. She opens up a parallel reality, which is built up from the unconscious and the ecstatic. Her audience is attracted to a “grey zone” where “presence” dominates “meaning”.

She develops productions in which she deconstructs contexts of body, movement, space and music, rebuilding them in surprising ways. Her company is comprised of a small nucleus of freelance dancers that have kept on collaborating in recurring constellations for a number of years now. With their productions, Adrienn Hód managed to be elected into the European dance network Aerowaves three times, among other things, and she won the Rudolf Lábán Award as well as the Zoltan Imre Price in Hungary in numerous instances. Hód conceives of theatre as a safe space in which topics and discourse may be fathomed to the full extent of their depths, and made visible artistically. Whether dealing with the radical exploration of naked bodies in Dawn (2014), evoking extreme conditions of emotional and linguistical expression in Conditions of Being a Mortal (2015), or sending her dancers, as flashy chorus girls, into an ecstatic stream of consciousness between personal stories and fragments of current social discourse as in Grace (2016): she always tries to push the boundaries of performative depiction and to open new space for perspective and narration behind taboos and conventions of gazes and expectations. The stage is a playing area to her, subducting itself from determination or interpretation of its signs. Her plays arrive at completely new dance forms and dramaturgic principles, again and again, radically rethinking the possibilities inherent in contemporary dance. HODWORKS emphasises the complexity and radicalism of personal expression, laying bare the multilayered constructs of identity. In this manner, Adrienn Hód’s works may also be read, in the context of endangered artistic and personal autonomy, as marking a movement of defence and of re-obtaining said autonomy.

“Terms that are often related to her include: associative, unconventional, and humorous. But this is far from complete when describing the quality that sticks her works together and makes them revelations, makes them so strong and authentic, of which the international dance world has taken notice. (…) This is noble art; it puts a spotlight on what is secretive in its very nature.” 
András Rényi, art theoretician

The company’s activity

2007 Resident of the Research into the Unknown, a research program of Workshop Foundation: Let’s connect and roar

2008 What are we supposed to do with our body?

2009 Supra Hits

2010 Daily Routine series


  • 5-month residency at Tanzfabrik, in Berlin, supported by Tempus Foundation
  • Premiere of Basse danse, co-produced by Grand Theatre Groningen
  • Basse danse awarded Rudolf Laban Prize as the most outstanding contemporary dance performance of the season in Hungary


  • Basse danse selected into Aerowaves Priority Companies 2012
  • Premiere of The way my father imgained it all co-produced by Jardin d’Europe, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique / Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne (FR), Hebbel am Ufer (D) and Grand Theatre Groningen (NL)


  • Premiere of Dawn, co-produced by Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
  • Dawn selected into Aerowaves Priority Companies 2014
  • Four-week residency at Headlands Centre for the Arts, in San Franciso


  • Dawn awarded Rudolf Laban prize as the most outstanding contemporary dance piece of the season 2013 in Hungary
  • Dawn presented at Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival
  • two-week residency in San Vicenat, supported by Zagreb Dance Company (HR)
  • Premiere of Conditions of Being a Mortal
  • Hodworks in Asia: Dawn presented at SIDance Festivalon, Seoul, South Korea
  • Hodworks in the USA: Dawn presented at Abrons Arts Center-ben, New York, USA
  • with Conditions of Being a Mortal, Hodworks is selected for a third time into the top 20 contemporary dance performance by Aerowaves


  • Hodworks programmed at Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival, for a third time
  • Conditions of Being a Mortal nominated to Rudolf Lábán Prize


  • Grace premiered in MU Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
  • Adrienn Hód receives Zoltán Imre price
  • Hodworks’ open studio at International Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf
  • 12 workshops in Budapest dance school in the frame of the extracurricular educational project


  • Solos premiered in MU Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
  • Grace awarded Rudolf Laban Prize


  • Sunday premiered in Trafó, Budapest, Hungary
  • Solos awarded Rudolf Lábán Prize


  • Coexist, created in collaboration with the Unusual Symptoms (Theater Bremen) is premiered in May
  • Mirage is premiered in February in Mu Theater, Budapest.


  • Another Dance Show is premiered at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
  • Coexist is invited to TANZPLATFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020
  • Mirage is nominated to the Rudolf Lábán prize
  • Hód Adrienn creates Chorus Line with the BODHI PROJECT


  • Amber is premiered at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts


  • Harmonia in collaboration with Unusual Symptoms is premiered at Theater Bremen and Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Photo: Gergely Ofner

Hodworks is maintained by the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary and Off Foundation (H) and supported by Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary, National Cultural Fund (H), New Performing Arts Foundation (H), Workshop Foundation (H) and Sín Cultural Centre (H), Summa Artium (H)


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