“Some interpreted their sensitivity as perversity, their fresh regard as shameless provocation, their special improvisation based physicality as an unreadable chaos. These tendencies are familiar, as every age and style has its own revolutionary team.”

“Hodworks, the company founded by Adrienn Hód ten years ago, consists of only a few independent artists, yet it has managed to change the rules of theatre over the past few years, for instance, by systematically breaking them, only to reconstruct them immediately afterwards. (…) And now they have created a comprehensive and, in my opinion, climactic work, which happens to be made up of solos.” 

“A series of a frightened techno-baby, a schizophrenic wigged woman, a giant remembering monster made of paper followed by a singing revue in fantasy costumes, then beauty and calmness came at the end. Cosmogonist kitsch. It was a hard two hours that changed my everyday references. The piece could be shortened, I think, but yet, Solos infinity keeps beating in my personal time.” Sisso Artner, Magyar Narancs

“And a monologue – yes, because in Hód’s pieces monologue could be made up by a stream of spoken words – happened to kill off the critical discourse on Hodworks’ piece and it eraseed the self-definition and self-identification of the company, as these two cannot be separated. We had such a great time to listen to it.

„A typical Adrienn Hód mindset: to compress every facts that we believe to know (but in fact we don’t) into one big uncertainty, our experiences of arts, of dance, of movements, of body. Or to explore the no man’s land, the grey zone of which we don’t have any knowledge and we even cannot activate it. These are provocative tasks of performers and creator.“

“By straining every nerve and sinew, Hód strives to create a performance that cannot be defined as a simple dance show, but as a common story between performer and viewer, where the audience cannot hide in the safe darkness of the auditorium, and the dancer must reckon with the reactions and existences of those sitting around them.” 

„We are searching somewhere at the unconsciousness, at the blind spot – that’s the fetishizes Bermuda triangle of Adrienn Hód’s.“

„We can analyze and study her works, trying to interpret them in a way or another : since Basse danse (2011) Hodworks simply cannot fail.“ Csaba Králl, Revizoronline

“The starkness of the profound sensations that sweep over us, one after the other, gradually turns into a numbingly exquisite catalogue of naked souls. Everybody will discover themselves and their loved ones among these souls. There are performances and moments in theatre that fade with the final applause, others that are gone by the time we awake the next day, and some that may haunt us for days. And there are one or two which might, perhaps, end up staying with us forever.” Ákos Török