• Laia Montoya

    International distribution

    TINA Agency is a collaborative team focused on the innovation, accompaniment and professional management of the performing arts.

  • Petra Péter

    Head of Board of the OFF Foundation

    The Foundation has been supporting the artistic work of Adrienn Hód since its establishment. At first with tender writing, management, in recent years with consulting and managing official affairs.

  • Lili Hitka

    administrator of the OFF Foundation

    She obtained her diploma in the field of art theory and management. In the course of her career so far, she has participated in the organization and extensive management of several cultural festivals, exhibitions and discussion series. She is currently a board member of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE), and also works as a music program organizer. She strengthens the work of the Foundation from an administrative side, helping the company’s everyday life with organization, maintaining contacts and writing applications.

  • Gideon Horváth

    communication manager

    He is a visual artist, graduated from Paris VIII. with a degree in film. In addition to his artistic practice, he also does film production work and different roles related to cultural communication.