Adrienn Hód, choreographer

ADRIENN HÓD, choreographer

Her main profile is experimental movement and contemporary dance. She choreographs theatre pieces, films, TV advertisements, live performances and events. She regularly teaches improvisation and gives workshops related to Hodworks pieces.

During studio work she creates intimate situations in which dancers are offered space and trust to open up their physicality, sensations, emotions and verbalism. Hód’s method is based on improvisation that appears in a structured frame on stage. She is not afraid working on the unknown.

“In theater, presence interests me more and more: the simultaneous presence of the spectator and the performer and their complete certainty of each other’s presence. On the one hand, the performer is present with attention and conciousness, observing the spectator. The other side is a little more evident, the viewer observes the performer, which has a clear effect on them. This face-to-face situation is what is interesting in its simplicity. What effect do I have as a performer on my surroundings and what effect does it have in me that I have an audience while I’m sharing many things on the stage?”


Adrienn Hód was born in 1975. She graduated at Budapest Contemporary Dance School, the only contemporary dance school in Hungary, founded by Iván Angelus. Then in 2014 she graduated as a pedagogue at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Her early works were presented at Inspiration- Young Choreographers’ Evenings, organized by Workshop Foundation. She founded OFF Company in 1995, then Hodworks in 2007. Same year she was resident of the Research into the Unknown, a research program run by Workshop Foundation. This is where she creates Kapcsolódjunk és bömböltessük. In 2008 she creates her female duett, Mit kezdjünk a testünkkel? (What should we do with our bodies?). In 2008 she was participant of Meeting Points, a Hungarian-American artistic program. In 2009 she presents her new piece, Supra hits. In 2010 he was awarded Trust for Mutual Understanding grant, in 2011 she was resident at Tanzfabrik, in Berlin.

Photo by Gergő Nagy

She creates Basse danse in 2011 at Grand Theater Groningen in coproduction. She creates The way my father imagined it in coproduction with Jardin d’Europe, Centre de Déveleopment Chorégrahique / Biennal de danse du Val-de-Marne (FR) a Hebbel am Ufer (D) a Grand Theatre Groningen (NL) in 2012. In 2013 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts she develops Dawn. In Autumn 2013 she was resident at Headlands Centre for the Arts, in San Francisco, in 2014 fellow of Philadelphia Dance Exchange. In 2014 she creates Conditions of Being a Mortal. In 2012 with Bassedanse, in 2014 with Dawn, in 2015 with Conditions of Being a Mortal Hodworks has been selected into the Aerowaves 20 Priority Companies. Her choreographies were nominated to Rudolf Laban Prize seven times that she won twice: with Basse danse in 2011 and with Dawn in 2014.

She did choreographic work for the film Son of Saul (directed by László Nemes Jeles) that won the Oscar as the Best Foreign Language Film in 2016. Grace has been premiered the same year and she has been choreographing for the Ljubljana- based En-Knap Group and working in Staatstheater Mainz as the female choreographer of the HOM/FAM sessions with her duet, Beliefs. She received Zoltán Imre price in Hungary, in 2016. In 2017 she won the Lábán Rudolf prize again for the coreography of Hodworks: Grace. In the same year she created her piece ‘Solos’ for Hodworks. She was also invited to collaborate as a coreographer in Péter Valló’s Shakespeare adaptation ‘Winter’s Tale.’ for Theater Radnóti, Budapest. During the summer of 2017 she was collaborated as a coreographer in the new movie ‘Sunset’ by the film director László Nemes Jeles. In 2018 February Sunday was premiered. In the same year in april she won Lábán Rudolf prize for ‘Solos’ which received invitation and preformed at Tanzmesse 2018 in Düsseldorf. The same year she choreographes the theater piece Ithaka at Katona József Theater directed by Kriszta Székely.

In 2019 her new piece MIRAGE is presented as well as her collaboration with the Unusual Symptoms at Theater Bremen: Coexist. She is invited to SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). Her works in total were nominated eight times to the Lábán Rudolf prize It was awarded to Basse Danse in 2011, Dawn in 2014, Grace in 2016 and Solos in 2017.