In the recent years, cultural and political self-reflection became a central characteristic in the work of HODWORKS both on the levels of direct verbalisation and complex abstraction. In the turbulent political climate Adrienn Hód and her co-creators are left with no other option but to constantly look for situations in which they can reflect upon the impossibility of the existential state of their company and individual artistic presence. In parallel with this fight they also set out to erase the traditional boundaries between the performer’s and the audience’s experiences in contemporary dance. The three dancers of the new Hodworks piece (Csaba Molnár, Jenna Jalonen, Márcio Kerber Canabarro) are not fulfilled, confident or well rounded personas on stage. In Another Dance Show, their frustrations are expressed through subversive and grotesque situations. They address the questions of vulnerability, the desire of success and their craving for acknowledgment in an undisguised, frontal and ironical manner. They are capable of anything for survival on stage even if it takes extreme measures. The series of failure games that the three dancers live through in the spotlight are not only linked to the cultural-political climate but are also expressed through such theatrical ways that highlight their personal existential struggles as well. In the end the fear and joy derived from the performers’ trials will lead not only to further questions, but might result in a contemporary dance that is not simply performed by the dancers but rather shared by them with the audience surrounding them.

with: Jenna Jalonen, Márcio Kerber Canabarro, Csaba Molnár

Artistic consultation and dramaturg: Ármin Szabó-Székely

Artistic consultation, workshop: Veronika Szabó

piano: Dinara Klinton / Anton Rosputko

music: Ferenc Liszt: Transzcendens etűdök (1,2,3,4,11) 

international relations: György Ujvári-Pintér

choreography: Adrienn Hód

Supported by: National Dance Theater, AharmadikHely Lakásszínház, EMMI, Off Foundation, SÍN Cultural Center, in partnership with the Workshop Foundation

Coproduction: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts


Adrienn Hód and her company HODWORKS (founded in 2007) deconstructs the boundaries of the body, movement, space and music, only to reconstruct them in unexpected ways. The core of HODWORKS is a selected group of freelancer dancers, who appear in the pieces in different constellations throughout their years of activity. Their dance pieces have been selected to Aerowaves three times up until now and have won several Lábán Rudolf and Imre Zoltán prizes in Hungary. Adrienn Hód pictures the theater as a safe space where different themes and discussions can unfold in an artistic way in their truest sense. Be it the radical discovery of the nude body in Dawn (2014), the extreme forms of verbal and emotional language in Conditions of being mortal (2015) or the stream of consciousness consisting of personal stories and social discourses in Grace (2016), Hód is pushing the envelope in terms of performative portrayal. She tries to discover new areas that transcend the taboos and conventions of the audience. For her the stage is a playground where motifs are liberated from their predetermined meaning. Her pieces reach new forms of dance and dramaturgical principles, rethinking again and again the possibilities in contemporary dance. HODWORKS emphasizes the complexity and radicality of self expression and unfolds the layered construction of the identity in its naked form. In this sense we can observe the work of Adrienn Hód in the context of endangered personal and artistic autonomy or as a maneuver for the protection and recovery of independence.